Private and Group Lessons 

The voice is organic and considered by many to be one of the most powerful instruments on the planet. Each voice is unique and it is used to communicate through speech or song. One might beg the questions, "Why should I sing?" or "What is so important about singing?" Singing is a great form of self expression and communication, it can be therapeutic and help to promote wellness by requiring a person to inhale full, deep breaths of oxygen through the lungs. Oxygen is vital to respiration of the human body and therefore, essential to staying alive.   

Vocal Recognition and Singing

Discover the voice and how to resonate a unique sound with perfect pitch, intonation and quality using proper breath support. All types, styles and levels.

Each voice session introduces concepts that help to improve the quality of sound at all dynamic levels by controlling the rise and fall of the voice, by establishing a solid foundation of breath support, and by using vocal techniques that allow a person to fluctuate between bridge points (registers of resonance) effectively.  However, one must work diligently in pursuit of vocal mastery, and be committed to their gift. This is not an instance of "Plug-n-Play". To be a true vocalist it is important to study to understand and know how to use the instrument, and practice. 

In studio lessons are available to ages 5 - adult  and for all skill levels. Virtual lessons are also available via SKYPE to ages 13 and up. 


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